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Thank you very much for visiting our website. e-bird Inc. is a web design and production company based in Shibuya, Tokyo. Utilizing our wealth of real-world achievements and technical expertise accumulated over more than ten years in the business, we suggest flexible solutions to cater to the requests and concerns of our customers, providing them with a one-stop service offering everything from web and smartphone site creation to app development, multilingual deployment, and marketing to attract visitors. In creating our websites we maintain thorough, detailed and continuous communication with our customers. By aiming for a mutual goal, as if embarking on a journey together, and working to create a website that offers great, long-term usability, e-bird is contributing to the achievement of successful business results for our customers.

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2017.03 / Desktop site / JAPAN
2017.07 / Smartphone site / THAILAND
2017.04 / Desktop site / THAILAND
2015.03 / Desktop site / JAPAN
2014.12 / Desktop site / JAPAN
2017.06 / Desktop site / JAPAN
2015.09 / Desktop site / JAPAN
2013.07 / Desktop site / JAPAN
2013.12 / Desktop site / JAPAN



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