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Sado Gold Mine, Historic Site Audio GuideSmartphone site

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This is an audio guidance of the sightseeing course of the historic national historic site “Historic Site Sado Kinzan” on Sado Island.
It can be used only with a browser, without installing an application. Supported languages are Japanese and English.

It provides audio commentary for each point of the “Sotayukou Edo Kinzan Picture Scroll Course” and “Doyukoukou Meiji Government Mine Course,” as well as supplementary information for the graphic display panels.

Because the tour courses take visitors through underground tunnels where cell phone reception is not available, Wifi devices are installed at each point, and the site can be used offline at all other locations. Explanatory information can be operated and updated by the site administrator through a CMS.

In addition, Japanese narration was provided by voice actress Machiko Toyoshima.


Client Sado City
Tag Education / Tourism
Country JAPAN
URL https://sado-kinzan.sado-navi.jp/