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We have renewed the website of Sakura Clinic, a dermatology clinic located in Anjo City, Mikawa Anjo, Aichi Prefecture. This clinic specializes in dermatology, cosmetic dermatology, and plastic surgery.

With the cooperation of the director, we have grouped and designed the renewed website so that patients with skin problems can easily find the symptoms that apply to them through the site.

Symptom names such as atopy, eczema, acne, and burns are built using WordPress so that doctors can maintain them at any time.

We have also organized and finished the information posted on the other pages so that patients can read and understand them easily.

The renewed website also aims to impress users with the unique features of Sakura Clinic.

The pink color, which is the motif of Sakura, the clinic’s aspirations, and the environment it is creating are expressed throughout the site. The main visual, which changes for each content, also gives a sense of Sakura Clinic. In addition, the director’s interesting blog was featured prominently on the renewed website.

We hope that the renewed website will be even more useful to the director, staff, and patients alike.


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