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This is the e-commerce site for Quorit, a company run by Yokogawa Rental & Lease, which deals in high-quality refurbished PCs.

As this is an e-commerce site run by a company,
we used a calm, blue-based finish to convey the sense of trust and security that only a company run site can provide.
The colors were also chosen with the target audience of men in their 30s to 50s in mind.
On the other hand, as this is a BtoC site,
we incorporated icons and warm colors to make it more approachable.

For the main visual,
we placed a large Apple desktop on the site to communicate to users that the company handles a large number of Apple products (not many places handle second-hand Apple products).

As banners displaying campaigns and the like are regularly updated, this is sure to be an essential site for users to check.


Client Yokogawa Rental & Lease
Tag Ec / Website-pc / Website-web / Coding / Website-sp / Design
Country JAPAN