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Celebrating 16 years since her debut with the huge hit “Wadatsumi no Ki” in 2002, Moto Chitose released a new album of her “Amami Shima Uta” collection, “Moto Uta ~ Moto Chitose Amami Shima Uta Collection ~” in November last year. Songs from this album are remixed by up-and-coming artists including Ryuichi Sakamoto and released every month. We were in charge of designing the announcement page for this.
The site’s feel uses the motif of the jacket photo for “Moto Uta ~ Moto Chitose Amami Shima Uta Collection ~” and is finished with a Japanese feel and a taste that evokes the atmosphere of Amami Oshima, Moto Chitose’s hometown.


Client Office-Augusta
Tag Artist / Coding / Design / Responsive
Country JAPAN
URL http://www.office-augusta.com/hajime/remix/