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Recruitment website production - Core Machinery Co., Ltd.Responsive site

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We specialize in precision cutting and anodizing of aluminum, and we are always challenging ourselves to create something new.

We feel a sense of accomplishment when we create a product with the quality we envision,
and we are also working hard to create an environment where we can continue to create better products.

Because it is people who create things and services.

Because we are a workplace where we can exchange specific opinions about “what we have done,” “what we want to try,” “what we should do,” and “what we don’t need to do,”

it is a workplace where you can feel something changing for the better every day.

We are looking for people who can work together in an environment where we can make the most of each other’s abilities!


We are a fun and rewarding company that is centered on the advantage of being able to consistently handle “machining” and “surface treatment” in-house and on high-quality products, and we also develop our own products and participate in space development.

We were in charge of planning, design, writing, photography, system implementation and overall website production, including the creation of the Solid Honeycomb Products development story and the story of participation in the “Space Delivery Project – RETURN to EARTH”.


Client Core Machinery Inc.
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