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Hakone Akatsukian Ginza Mitsukoshi Menu BookGraphic

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We created a menu book for Hakone Akatsukian, a soba restaurant with a store in Ginza Mitsukoshi.

There are two types of menu books, one for “lunch” and one for “dinner.” Each has a design that is full of “Japanese” taste.

We suggested everything about the menu books, not only the design of the pages, but also the paper used, the printing method, and the strings to hold the menus in place.

When taking photographs, we devised a way to highlight the food.

As a result of our attention to detail, we have created a warm menu book that captures the atmosphere of the restaurant.

Hakone Akatsukian’s soba is also served at Hakone Yumoto Hotel.
Please come to the restaurant and enjoy it along with the menu book.


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